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Kemmaz School of Digital Life

Mfuwe is a small village in the Eastern Province of Zambia, near the border with Malawi. This sprawling village supports the tourist industry generated by South Luangwa National Park through highly coveted jobs in hospitality, conservation, and transportation. Currently, the educational system is modelled after colonial times of British rule consisting of a primary and secondary education. Often with overcrowded classrooms and rarely a single computer. If students are fortunate enough to graduate they are still left lacking the many skills it takes to compete for jobs within the region. This is where Kemmaz School of Digital Life comes in to bridge the gap.

We first met with founder Emmanuel Mphasi in 2021 to take a tour of his modest school and discuss his vision for the future. Soon after this meeting the school was forced to shutdown due to lack of funding. Fast forward to today and he has made some huge strides. A new location closer to the centre of the village with a new expanded building that has been under construction for over a year and Emmanuel has registered the school as a non-governmental organisation (NGO).

Currently, he is teaching students in his home with half of the space dedicated to a computer lab and the other half to his family’s living space. So far all of the funding has been through generous local donations, but now his registered company can take donations globally.

Please visit the school’s website to learn more about the project and organisation.

We have only played a small part in guiding this project along the way and have been working behind the scenes to help facilitate necessary connections. I and can’t wait to see it finally take off. We are also busy helping several other educational projects within this community and hope to share them with you soon.


We now have Crowdfunding setup for the project and it is live. We are asking for a modest amount with a low goal of 5k and a high of 10k. Please visit the campaign page here. At the close of the campaign, we will be in Zambia on-site to check in on the project from January to March to ensure the funding is used in the most efficient ways possible and to document progress of the hard work Emmanuel and his team are doing. Any amount is appreciated. We can’t wait to post updates.

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